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Intuitive Motivational Essence Painting

Capturing your essence into a painting

Natosha’s creative process begins with connection of one’s artistic self along with her Spiritual practice. By allowing the art to lead the way while being centered in her heart. An inner awareness, connecting with her emotions, energy, environment and the colors in your aura field and chakras inside. There’s a divine guidance that dances through the layers of paint and variety of other mixed media. It’s a joy creating works for people who want to explore their own world. While gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of whom they really are. The artwork is full of possibilities and surprises. What a beautiful gift that keeps giving. The paintings are infused with love, inspiration, courage, intentions and more. As she has evolved so have her creations by allowing the art to be a journey, adventure into the unknown and connection with the now moment.  What an amazing surprise to her and the client the different imagery that comes through each individual creation.

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Available Featured services:

In person sessions, voice or video conferencing, painting parties, social events and more.

For in person sessions, voice, or video conferencing. Devote 30 minutes to an hour of your time to the amazing session. For a video or voice session, to allow for drying time of painting. The mailing of one’s painting package would be mailed to your location within the next 4 – 7 business days from the session. Shipping cost will be determined on one’s delivery location as an additional charge. Once the package has been shipped, I’ll notify you with the tracking information. There are three in-stocked canvas size available all other sizes upon request before session.

Intuitive Essence Painting:

The painting experience with Natosha will capture your energetic essence and true inner self. As she customizes your unique vibrational pattern she infuses the work with inspiration and special healing vibes to help you align to your divine path of life. Throughout the process you receive interpretations of the colors, images and energy that flows from your canvas. You begin to see yourself from an artistic point of view. The experience leaves you with a clearer mind, inspired and knowing the inner beauty of one’s self.

Setting Intentions Painting:

Abundance, career, relationships, connection with inner child, healthy lifestyle, manifestations, spiritual and personal growth.

The goals we create are powerful when they are aligned with your life’s passion and purpose. This is one of the major reasons I love creating this painting. This painting experience is a wow factor. It’s your self-discovery, adding passion into one’s life again, to believe you have what it takes and more. It builds your confidence in different ways than you imagined before. Yes, we can be our own roadblock by creating challenges that can be a deep seeded issue from fear base. However, by allowing the clearing of one’s pathways of mind’s clutter to see clearer with feeling more confident. Knowing you too can receive your hearts desires by setting clear intentions. By Asking yourself “Are You Ready for the change?”. Infusing the painting with the energy, blissful fulfillment, faith and more. This painting process will help you truly in your best interest by allowing one’s self to get out of one’s way. Setting the intentions for the next three months, six months and or even a year. To feel confident, strong, secure, bold and more. Now’s your opportunity to have your very own unique custom intentional painting. Welcome the gifts the painting has to offer and embark on your new adventurous journey.

Clarity Painting:

Sometimes we just need some clarity. We all can feel confused and or stuck in holding patterns at different points. Who hasn’t FELT TRAPPED at one point or another. We have questions and who doesn’t. This painting experience is similar to setting intentions. This painting captures the questions you have in mind. By Infusing the painting for clearing one’s mind, your minds pathway of clutter can become free. This will give you a better understanding to see the clearer picture at hand. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to make better decisions to set the changes at hand to have a better fulfilled life. You will be confident, knowing you too can receive your hearts desires with eyes wide open. The clarity is right in-front of us. With intentions, infusing the painting with excitement, energy, blissful fulfillment, faith and more. This process will help by allowing us to get out of our own way. Enjoying the journey with one’s self along with life’s gifts.

Healing and Letting Go Painting:

This is an up-lifting on-going process painting. Life can be full of major events, temptations, resentments and more. The more we fuel that fire with anger, sadness the more we let one’s self fall down into the rabbit hole. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Allowing one’s self to just stop and breath. Life’s purpose is to enjoy and have fun while doing so. Letting go of fears is a major accomplishment. It’s very healing inside and out. This painting is focused on your heart center. As the heart is very intelligent. By connecting mind, body, soul and heart in one, this painting helps breakthrough your personal barriers. Now the painting provides the opportunity for more joy, happiness and wish fulfillment in one’s life. With inspiration this will help enhance your life.

Building Confidence and Motivation While giving yourself permission Painting:

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Here are the different size canvas and prices that are available. All other sizes upon request. Gift cards and special event pricing are available as well.

Un-textured and 3-D Textured Canvas Options:

For a 30 minute session:

  • 8 x 10 canvas: $75.00
  • 9 x 12 canvas: $85.00
  • 11 x 14 canvas: $105.00

For an hour session:

  • 8 x 10 canvas: $105.00
  • 9 x 12 canvas: $115.00
  • 11 x 14 canvas: $135.00
  • 16 x 20 canvas: $215.00

Tax included.

Re-Readings of Your Painting:

  • 30 minutes for $40.00

For more information, email me at natosha@ndksdesigns.com.

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Intuitive Aura Painting Live

A custom Aura Painting done at KC Metaphysical, the KC metro’s psychic fair.