Painted Denim

Personal Abstract “Who You Are” Denim Apparel

One of my favorite thing’s as a personal shopper before painting custom denim wear made just for you. Was having the opportunity to know the underlying of the particular style a client was looking for… deserves, being unique, a bit edgy, noticeable…. more special. May it be their personality statement, self-discovery with adding passions in one’s life coloration’s…. To represent what or whom they are now or what or whom you want to become.

Sometimes having the clothing to reflect a part of you that hasn’t fully developed yet into. This is one of the major reasons I love creating personal denim wear just for you. Called “Who You Are” denim wear. To feel confident, strong, secure, bold and more. Now’s your opportunity to have your very own unique custom designed denim apparel to fit your personality! This includes jackets, jeans, boots, and more.

Here are some examples of custom painted denim apparel.

To have a custom painted denim wear all that is required, you supply the product and I paint it! I also provide personal shopping experience as well. Sometimes we are busy with life, juggling multiple things and situations, knowing your size, style, personality. I can go shopping for you and find that unique denim piece as well.