Have an exquisite custom piece of art created for your today. Order your custom piece today!

I am currently booking commissions for Fall and Holiday Season for 2020

A custom commission painting  can bring  you the same experiences along with the qualities of a Intuitive Essence painting and Custom Denim Appeal.  This is one of my favorite joys of being an artist creating unique original paintings just for you by enhancing your life style . You’ll be engaged throughout the whole creative process of your personal custom art. We can work together to create a piece for any place in your life. Your home wall décor, office, wellness center, studio, and more. To lift the walls with inspiration, color, relaxation and more. These piece are created on canvas, with mixed media fibers, sand, and found objects  creating a 3-d effect that comes to life off the canvas.

A custom commission guitar can add so much color splash to your walls along with having a story to share about your favorite singer/song/songwriter. Who’s your favorite singer/ song/ song writer you would like to have your guitar painted after? Are you a guitarist and would like to have your personal guitar customized to have a different flair look while your playing live on or off stage? Do you have a guitar laying around and would like to see it as a piece of art on your beautiful décor walls? 

To have a guitar painted just for you. We can choose from several options. Yours of course, my  in-stock selection, go shopping for an old guitar to turn into art or a guitar created on canvas of size selected.  Then, the fun begins with your choosing of song/singer/songwriter, how funky you’d like the color pallet to be and to be playable/unplayable or just simply having the guitar be a hanging work of art. Finally, the guitar will have new working strings for you to decide if the guitar is worthy of playing.  

A wooden wall mount is optional.

Yes, they all have new working strings for playing or not. The guitars that are created on canvas have the option for a 3-d effect that comes to life off the canvas along with real acoustic strings to add the finale touch.

Enjoy these guitars as again, was a blast creating them!!

Here below are several ways to start the process. Please feel free to fill out the contact form as you’ll become part of my list. Then there are 5 easy steps to start the process. If you have any questions, I would be delighted to email you or converse via phone to further explain the commission process and your painting. No worries, monthly payment plans are available. So let the creating begin!

Thank you for your interest in my works of art.

Have an exquisite custom piece of art created for your today. Order your custom piece today!


  1. Contact or email me at & please include:
    • The size of canvas you’d like. (Double, Trip-tics, and multiple canvases are available for one creation)
    • Any reference photos or example pictures.
    • A description of your feeling/vision – this informs me the specific styles, colorations, or anything else you may like to incorporate into your piece.
    • The level/amount of 3-D denim, burlap, sand, shells, and stones.
    • How quickly you may need the product if it’s a gift.
  2. After determining the level of 3-D denim and burlap, sand, shells, stones or other objects, you can then purchase from the listing above to set up your monthly payment plan. See Payment Options One requirement, at least 30% of the full fee in advance of the total cost of the commission. (FYI: The more materials, the more 3-D it will become)
  3. I then will begin working on your custom painting!
    (FYI: Creating a painting may take months depending on the size and 3-D materials.)
  4. When the artwork is completed, I will send you photos of the painting along with a separate invoice for the shipping.
    (I do ship World Wide!)
  5. Finally, your custom artwork will be on its way to you!

Level examples for 3D build-up

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