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To reach peoples inspirational minds and hearts. While providing an motivational and inspirational experience! Here are all the wonderful painting experience that I have to offer!

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Are you ready to Let the Live Wedding and Events, Motivational parties and classes painting experiences begin in-person and or on line??!!

Intuitive Motivational Painting Classes/Parties are available in person and on line!

Intuitive motivational painting classes/parties are loads of fun! In an intuitive painting class, adults and kids can paint in a judgment-free space, it’s safe, joyous while felling confident doing so. Here your invited to simply be with one’s self, much like a meditation.  The painting materials are supplied in the studio and for offsite events. If we are live on video, we then find found objects, other materials you have on hand and more to create a fun at home environment or can purchase a motivational painting kit! No limitations is the key! Classes begin with a breathing exercise, guided awareness practice to center, aligning to your authentic movement and soft music maybe in the background. Individuals are invited to journal and or discuss after their painting process has finished as writing can often integrate and ground the work.

Intuitive painting is an opportunity to explore the inner self through the creative process in a non-judgment safe environment. This particular style of painting is not a painting technique or method. One of the main purpose of your intuitive painting is to tune in to your own unique creative process while releasing attachment to meaning, control, expertise of final product. With this approach to painting, what a great way to focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression. There is no prior painting experience necessary. Stemming from a deep belief that creativity is fundamental to human health and well-being, it’s about enlightening one’s self invigorating, deeply moving, playful, fun and cathartic. Through the painting process we learn to acknowledge that anything that comes up is coming up to be healed.

Guidelines, Benefits and Objectives

To have a new enlightened experience
  • We paint in a judgment free space for creative and authentic expression to occur
  • We may dance, laugh, throw paint, and have a blast
  • Being in the now moment
  • Please check in with me when you feel you are complete with a painting. Then we will go through a completion process, you sign your painting, and the painting is yours to take home. If on video you have the creation with you!
  • I’ll guide the participant’s process by checking in with them individually holding the belief that we are all innately creative and have within us the gifts of self-direction, awareness and insight.
  • Feelings may arise when painting…laughter, anger, sadness as they are welcome. Just allow them to move through you in as this a safe place of the studio or place.
  • Gain self esteem by learning to keep the inner critic from sabotaging your creativity
  • Inspire to reconnect authentically with themselves with the experience of your innate wisdom of one’s self
  • Engage and inspire participants in their innate creative and intuitive abilities.
  • Opportunity to experience their spirit
  • The tools of an inward nature – related to self knowledge, self awareness and self exploration.
  • Provide a community in which participants needs and desires may be seen and heard.
  • Experience the presence of releasing, creative freedom, trust your process and play
  • To give ourselves permission to listen within and express our emotions – even the difficult ones – in a safe and healthy way, their energy is released and can transform as we reconnect with our center.
  • Recognize and shift old patterns that are less-than-serving beliefs
  • Listen to and trust your own intuitive voice and act upon it
  • Tap into the internal well of creativity, power and life force energy that is within
  • Take creative risks by moving through your creative blocks
  • Feel empowered as you explore the unknown (endless possibilities and potential)
  • Explore your sense of wonder, exercise your imagination and your mystery

Art Box is now available for purchase!! For more inquires on how you can acquire your in-home Art Box creation kit please feel free to email me!!!

Destination Live Event and Wedding Painter Paintings

What a unique form of entertainment for your quests in attendance A Destination Live Painter! As a destination live Wedding and Event painter, I love capturing the energy of the space or ceremony , the guests and moments of your special day or event! This allows the involvement of everyone to see the process unfolds with out taking away from the Bride and Groom nor the honorary host exceptional event day or evening. Beyond having a custom piece of artwork to hang in your home or office to cherish for years to come, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience—one that you, your partner, your teammate’s, your family, and guests will be able to witness firsthand.

I’ll bring all the necessary materials that will be required for your exquisite event. For more details regarding supplies for your event can be answered on the Q/A and meet and greet conversation between us! This allows the live painting experience to be tailored and custom to and for your event.

Don’t let the out-of-state travel deter you from booking myself for your event. Simply inquire with me for more detailed travel information and quotes. I do my best to keep my travel rates low as possible for couples and clients. There’s a flat rate travel fee included into the cost more than three hours away from my Kansas City home that helps cover the drive/flight/mileage and hotels.

For more information about purchasing, a payment plan and accommodate a more extended payment plan to help make something like taking care of travel fees more attainable, feel free to contact me via phone, email, and through my website here! I look forward to being apart of your magical day!

Now Booking for 2021

Live Wedding and Events painting experiences are completely custom to capture your unique expression and vision for your magical day!