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To reach peoples inspirational minds and hearts. While providing an motivational and inspirational experience! Here are all the wonderful painting experience I have to offer!

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Are you ready to let the Live Wedding, Unique Art Opportunities, Events, Motivational painting party experiences begin in-person and or online??!!


Intuitive Painting parties with Shellie Jennings and Myself.

People want to give their guests a highly experiential gift, something that’s completely interactive and different. An intuitive Tarot Reading and an Aura Essence painting brings connection, excitement and laughter. You’re leaving with something more important than chocolate or wine. You’re leaving with a personalized experience.  Shellie and Natosha bring the excitement and value of their work to the intimacy of your girl’s night, bachelorette party, Weddings, Birthday party or any occasion you have for getting together. 
Contact us to discuss payment options.  We will create a party plan that is truly memorable. Customized Pricing is available. For more information to Book Both Shellie Jennings and I, please clink the link below!

Destination Live Events and Weddings Artist:

What a unique form of entertainment for your quests in attendance A Destination Live Painter! As a destination live Wedding and Event painter, I love capturing the energy of the space or ceremony, the guests and moments of your special day or event! This allows the involvement of everyone to see the process unfolds without taking away from the Bride and Groom nor the honorary host exceptional event day or evening. Beyond having a custom piece of artwork to hang in your home or office to cherish for years to come, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience—one that you, your partner, your teammate’s, your family, and guests will be able to witness firsthand.

I’ll bring all the necessary materials that will be required for your exquisite event. For more details regarding supplies for your event can be answered on the Q/A and meet and greet conversation between us! This allows the live painting experience to be tailored and custom to and for your event.

Don’t let the out-of-state travel deter you from booking myself for your event. Simply inquire with me for more detailed travel information and quotes. I do my best to keep my travel rates low as possible for couples and clients. There’s a flat rate travel fee included into the cost more than three hours away from my Kansas City home that helps cover the drive/flight/mileage and hotels.

For more information about purchasing, a payment plan and accommodate a more extended payment plan to help make something like taking care of travel fees more attainable, feel free to contact me via phone, email, and through my website here! I look forward to being a part of your magical day!

Now Booking for 2023 and 2024

Live Wedding, Private Custom Workshops, Wellness and Events painting experiences are completely customized to capture your unique expression and vision for your magical day!

Getting personal . . . but not too personal. Participants in my workshops are asked to consider the relevance of any new insight resulting from their heightened, mindful awareness of how deceptively simple creative tasks, like forming your team out of art materials and as inanimate objects, might translate to their everyday and work lives.  Art relief workshops provide a structured time for facing and identifying internal obstacles, entering a playful zone to discover and reflect on something new. I create interactive, in-real-time opportunities for improving interpersonal skills that can enhance communication, increase worker empathy, and encourage taking responsibility for our role in conflict or tense work situations. Language and words can be a trap (when we aren’t using them creatively). Words get stuck in our head, they tell us how to feel, who we are, what to fear, and more.  I am welcoming reservations for private therapeutic art workshops and parties for your friends, family members, partners, work teams, and special groups, on topics tailored to meet your needs.